Physicians & Wellness Professionals:

Health Liaison Services provides qualified leads for your practice. A truly qualified lead requires potential new patients have resources to afford healthcare. Insured employees fit the bill. Physicians realizing the logic of this partnership will appreciate the vital role of the person chosen to represent their practice. Your practice representative will only succeed if they are qualified enough to accurately identify potential health issues revealed at the onsite screening. A responsible, qualified, enthusiastic professional of integrity will succeed.
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Corporations & Municipalities:

Due to ever increasing health care cost, today’s emphasis is on improving health and wellness in the workplace. As your health liaison, we ensure opportunities are not exploited when healthcare providers are given access to your employees. We qualify and quantify results to tweak programs and improve outcomes. Health Liaison Services assumes the crucial role of monitoring the integrity and competence of the professionals we offer partnership opportunities to. With our experience and resources, we make your job easier.


Continuing Education:

For the Layman: awareness is essential to encouraging desirable change. We provide educational opportunities to increase awareness of numerous health and wellness related issues. Once empowered through knowledge, mindful transformation can result.

For the Professional: continuing education is required to maintain credentials. Through brokers we provide educational opportunities to meet credentialing requirements.

Effective Media Buying:

Experienced leadership in buying as well selling electronic media is an invaluable tool for your practice. Effective media buying is as much about discipline as it is creativity.